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Permanent Hire

 Many clients utilise Tranzworks as their total delivery and distribution service. We specialise in providing the correct size truck for every application, every time.


Tranzworks is expert at providing Total Transport Packages to our clients. We recruit suitably experienced Sub Contractors that can provide the correct equipment for the task. A key element to their selection is that they have the necessary customer service focus to ensure that our clients business is being expertly represented. 

No size fleet is too big or small. We have experience with providing in excess of 60 vehicles, delivering consumables to residential and commercial addresses 6 days a week. We also have the experience whereby a client requires 1 vehicle for 6 hours per day delivering floor coverings.

To augment the fleet, we are happy to discuss GPS tracking to provide our clients with visibility in to the fleet performance. 

70% of our entire Transport Business is represented in the Permanent Vehicle sector, a sign that we are very successful at providing the right vehicle for every application.